Restore a Deck

Top deck manufacturers and contractors prefer DeckMAX to help restore a deck and reverse the effects of fading, weathering, stains, minor scratches, scuffs, mold and mildew. 

How to Clean a Deck

Our innovation team formulated our products for our DIY customers!  A simple 1-step application process is easy to use and dries quickly, so you can get back to all of your backyard entertaining.

Eco-Friendly Deck Cleaner

DeckMAX’s natural and sustainable, plant-based products are due to our commitment to people and our planet. Feel safe with DeckMAX deck cleaners and be a part of the sustainability solution.  

Deck Cleaner Reviews

We are proud to have earned such glowing remarks from satisfied DeckMAX customers!

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I replaced the decking on my front and rear decks with a PVC product from Timber Tech. Then I had my cedar siding stained. The decks were totally covered with tarps, however a few spots got on the PVC. I made the mistake of trying to get the spots up with lacquer thinner instead of mineral spirits. Some of the colorant in the decking also came up. Not a big deal, but I could see it. The manufacturer referred me to DeckMax and I ordered the PVC Revitalizing Wipes. One swipe of the towelette and you can’t even see where I screwed up. This product (and I am sure all of their other products) works!!!
Jim H, Colorado

Deck Cleaning Services

DeckMAX Crews

With work, family, sports, and other activities, many of our customers simply don’t have the time to DIY.  Call on DeckMAX! Our professional service crew will clean and restore your deck for you.  Services we offer:

  • We remove all items off of your deck in a safe and organized fashion.
  • We address any difficult spots, scuffs, rust marks, minor scratches and stains.
  • We replace all of your deck items when the job is completely dry.
  • Our crews will do the job from start to finish and your deck will be looking great within a few hours!

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