DeckMAX E2 PVC Deck Cleaner 2018 Case Study

Consultation with DeckMAX

Use and weather can affect the beauty of your deck. In this case, the home owner had a very difficult stain he was not able to take care of with a myriad of other products. David talked to the home owner about the deck cleaning process and the areas he wanted to clean and revitalize with DeckMAX.

Deck Inspection

A metal table and chairs were on the deck for many years. Unfortunately, the metal left rust marks on the deck. The home owner tried many other deck cleaner products, but he just couldn’t remove the rust stain. Plus, he wanted to revitalize the color, luster, and shine of his PVC deck.

Dangers of Rust

Rust is ugly… but there’s another problem with rust. If not treated, it can encourage the growth of a bacteria that causes tetanus. Tetanus, in untreated cases, can be dangerous.

Treat Algae on Railings

Clean all areas of the deck – and don’t forget the railings. We spray the professional grade deck cleaner on every part of the railings. Allow it to soak into the algae and stains for a thorough cleaning.

Spray the Deck Cleaner

After the railings, we start at one corner and spray the DeckMAX® professional grade deck cleaner all over the deck boards and stairs. Take your time to be sure to coat the deck properly for an effective, deep cleaning application.

Start Scrubbing!

Once the deck cleaner has been applied, we scrub the high traffic and stubborn stains with a manual brush. This will help to loosen up the particles to get your deck ready for the deep clean treatment.

Power Wash & Scrub

The next step is to go over each deck board with the power washer and scrub. You’ll find a pleasant sudsy application that will remove dirt, debris, algae and stains. We’ll go through the deck in a systematic fashion and won’t miss any spots.

Rinse the Deck Cleaner

After the deck has been deep cleaned, we use the power washer to spray down all of the cleaner, dirt, and debris for a thorough rinsing. We go through each deck board, railing, and stairs to ensure we have the deck ready to receive the E2 PVC Revitalizer application once completely dry.

It’s Only Water

No flowers were harmed in the rinsing of this deck and railing. As you can see, the bright white of the railing is already starting to come through.

Remove the Rust 

It was a very hot day, and the deck dried completely; so we were able to apply the E2 Revitalizer on the same day. We start with the stubborn rust stains and with a simple wipe of the E2, we were able to wipe off the remaining rust off from the deck.

Revitalize the Deck with E2

Once the hard to treat areas were taken care of, we start from the corner and begin to apply the E2 Revitalizer to the entire deck. We like to focus on sections at a time to ensure we properly revitalize the entire deck with the DeckMAX® E2 Deck Revitilizer.

Immediate Results

We only applied the E2 to a portion of the deck, and you can already see the DeckMAX® deck cleaning solutions work to bring back the beauty and shine to this deck. Harsh elements will continuously wear, fade and corrode it, but DeckMAX® will bring it back to life .

Use E2 on Stairs

We take the care to wipe down each deck board on your stairs. Don’t forget the stair “wall” too… not just the landing boards. They also experience the harsh weather and are prone to fading. A wipe of the E2 Revitalizer will bring it’s luster and shine back with the rest of your deck.

All Finished!

Deep-clean and preserve your deck, home’s exterior and outdoor furniture with DeckMAX® deck cleaning products.

DeckMAX® Deck Cleaning Solutions

Our customer tried everything, even major brand rust removers and nothing worked… except DeckMAX®. He was incredibly pleased with the results and even more surprised with how quickly we were able to remove the dirt, debris, algae, stains, and most importantly, the rust from his deck.

Thank you for trusting DeckMAX® to MAXimize the Beauty of Your Deck!