DeckMAX E2 PVC Deck Cleaner 2018 Case Study

Consultation with DeckMAX

Use and weather can affect the beauty of your deck. In this case, the home owner had a very difficult stain he was not able to take care of with a myriad of other products. David talked to the home owner about the deck cleaning process and the areas he wanted to clean and revitalize with DeckMAX.

Deck Inspection

A metal table and chairs were on the deck for many years. Unfortunately, the metal left rust marks on the deck. The home owner tried many other deck cleaner products, but he just couldn’t remove the rust stain. Plus, he wanted to revitalize the color, luster, and shine of his PVC deck.

Dangers of Rust

Rust is ugly… but there’s another problem with rust. If not treated, it can encourage the growth of a bacteria that causes tetanus. Tetanus, in untreated cases, can be dangerous.

Treat Algae on Railings

Clean all areas of the deck – and don’t forget the railings. We spray the professional grade deck cleaner on every part of the railings. Allow it to soak into the algae and stains for a thorough cleaning.

Spray the Deck Cleaner

After the railings, we start at one corner and spray the DeckMAX® professional grade deck cleaner all over the deck boards and stairs. Take your time to be sure to coat the deck properly for an effective, deep cleaning application.

Start Scrubbing!

Once the deck cleaner has been applied, we scrub the high traffic and stubborn stains with a manual brush. This will help to loosen up the particles to get your deck ready for the deep clean treatment.