Reasons to Clean your Deck during the Summer

cleaner-with-leafIts Summertime! Which means lots of outdoor parties, summer BBQ’s and family fun in the sun. You’ll be spending lots of time outdoors over the next few months; so we need to have some great reasons to clean your deck during the summer!

While throwing a party this summer can be great to get together with friends and family, unfortunately it can also come with a number of cleaning tasks you’ll need to take care of before welcoming over your guests. Whether by yourself with our family of products or with our deck cleaning services, DeckMAX has a solution that can best serve your needs.


With the arrival of summer, there is likely a lot of pollen floating in the air. You can expect a layer of it to form on your deck, stairs, and outdoor furniture. While sweeping can help, nothing beats getting the deck cleaned with a thorough pressure washing. 

Leaves and Branches

If your yard has a lot of landscaping, you likely already know just how much work can go into maintaining it. Whether you’ve decided to take care of trimming trees and shrubs on your own or you’re hiring professionals, some of the debris may have likely made their way onto your deck—making cleaning it a necessity.

Footprints and Discoloration

Footprints and other discoloration can be quickly apparent on your deck. With summer, comes a lot of outdoor activities, making it likely that there is a lot of mud and dirt being tracked onto your deck, requiring a deep clean.  


Sunscreen can leave a lasting white layer on your deck. Unless you properly clean your deck, a simple sweep or water cleansing just won’t get rid of the residue.

Food and Grilling Grease

We LOVE to grill all summer long!  But there’s always that one area that’s covered in grease splatter. Plus, if you’re not quick enough, ketchup, mustard, and other food items can leave a nasty mess from your previous party. 

Check out this video with David Foulke, Application Manager, discussing the best way to clean your deck.

If you want to clean your deck during the summer, please contact us and request a free estimate to professionally clean your deck or shop our family of products for an easy weekend DIY activity.