4 Reasons to Try Hanging Deck Gardens

Hanging Deck GardensDeck gardens bring life and color into our outdoor living spaces. It is reminiscent of spring and all the great activities that come with springtime. We love watching plants bloom around us almost as much as we enjoy delicious, homegrown produce and herbs.

The problem for some is that decks have a limited amount of growing space. Whether you want to maximize your available growing space or need to leave plenty of room for the kids (or the grill), hanging deck gardens offer the best of both worlds.

Here are four reasons to create and use hanging deck gardens:

1. Hanging Deck Gardens Save Space

Crowding a deck with too many plant pots is not always the best option. If you have small children or pets, plants can pose health risks, not to mention the likelihood of a plant pot knocking over, which can cause a mess as well as kill the plant.

Hanging planters let you keep your floor space while also keeping plants out of harm’s way. Vertical gardening not only saves space, it actually gives you more room to garden.

This also works well for gardeners looking to get more growing potential out of their decks. When you run out of room for more plant pots, try adding hanging planters to your deck garden.

2. Hanging Deck Gardens Keep Plants Off The Ground

Keeping your plants off the ground helps minimize staining and other damage to your deck. Dirt and water are easily swept away, leaving your deck looking cleaner. Plus, no unpleasant insects can gather underneath hanging plant pots, sparing you unpleasant surprises.

3. Hanging Deck Gardens Are Easily Accessible

Don’t let back pain or joint pain keep you out of the garden. Hanging gardens are easier to reach than both conventional plant pots and gardens grown directly in the ground. Eliminate bending, stooping, and kneeling by hanging your planters off of the wall or a railing.

This makes it easier to weed, water, and harvest from your deck garden, all without causing yourself unnecessary discomfort.

4. Hanging Deck Gardens Are Easy To Build

Home and garden centers sell hanging planters and wall planters. You can also build your own. Pinterest has plenty of pictures to give you ideas for DIY hanging deck gardens. From plastic bottles and repurposed gutters to tasteful wooden railing planters, the DIY opportunities for hanging deck gardens are endless.

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