Products were developed by OneSource Organics, Inc. a specialty research company that licensed the DeckMAX® composite vinyl deck cleaner and PVC revitalizer . . .

The Best Composite Deck Cleaner and Revitalizer has its name officially registered.

Deck Max, Inc., a specialty products company focused on products that work hard to make composite vinyl decks the best they can be. They have trademarked the name Deck Max™ and have filed for formal trademark registration.

DeckMAX® products include DeckMAX® GreenDeckMAX® Enhanced and DeckMAX® Cleaner Concentrate. These products were developed byOneSource Organics, Inc. a specialty research company and licensed the DeckMAX® composite vinyl deck cleaner and composite vinyl PVC revitalizer.DeckMAX® products are designed to bring back color, beauty and luster to many weathered and faded outdoor PVC surfaces. These surfaces include PVC decks, PVC fencing and PVC railing. DeckMAX® is known as the best deck cleaner and revitalizer on the market. DeckMAX® is also known as the best PVC railing and PVC fence cleaner and revitalizer.
DeckMAX, Inc. offers the DeckMAX® line for DIY, distribution, contractor and retail sales.