DeckMAX Paver & Concrete Cleaner Plus RESIST MIST™ Case Study

These products were used to clean and protect this patio.

Paver & Concrete Cleaner

Step One – Clean:
DeckMAX Paver & Concrete Cleaner easily removes dirt, mold, mildew, and algae from all hardscape surfaces. The powerful DeckMAX Paver and Concrete cleaner is not corrosive like bleach or chlorine based cleaners and does not contain any solvents. This concentrated cleaning formula can be easily diluted depending on how soiled the area being cleaned is and how much cleaner power is needed.

DeckMAX Resist Mist

Step Two – Protect:
DeckMAX Resist Mist will protect your patio, composite or wood deck, along with other outdoor surfaces like fabrics. This half gallon concentrate formula when diluted as per instructions, covers up to 600 square feet. DeckMAX Resist Mist provides a barrier that prevents mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants from penetrating your outdoor living spaces for up to THREE YEARS!


Consultation with DeckMAX

Use and weather can affect the beauty of your patio. In this case, the homeowner had a difficult time keeping his concrete patio clean, and the green algae from coming back year after year. David talked to the homeowner about the patio cleaning process and the areas he wanted to clean and protect with DeckMAX products.

Patio Inspection

The homeowner has a large table and chairs, a smoker, and a gas grill. The patio is adjacent to a pool area. Aside from the grease stains from the grill and smoker, algae would form around the steps to enter the home. The homeowner tried many other patio cleaner products, but he just couldn’t remove the stains, or keep the algae from coming back.

Dangers of Algea

Algae can be unsightly and needs to be treated properly to keep it from returning. Algae love light and can absorb sunlight that would otherwise dry your patio or deck. Algae also loves moisture and can thrive and grow to create large patches of algae growth. The algae spores may also cause allergies or breathing problems in some cases.

Spray the Paver & Concrete Cleaner

After the railings, we start at one corner and spray the DeckMAX Professional-Grade Paver & Concrete Cleaner all over the patio and stairs. Take your time to be sure to coat the patio properly for an effective, deep cleaning application.

Start Scrubbing!

Once the Paver & Concrete cleaner has been applied, we scrub the high traffic and stubborn stains with a manual brush. This will help to loosen up the particles to get your patio ready for the deep clean treatment.

Power Wash & Scrub

The next step is to go over the entire surface with the power washer (we recommend the rotary attachment for the power washer, it makes quick work of the task). You’ll find a pleasant sudsy application that will remove dirt, debris, algae and stains. We’ll go through the patio in a systematic fashion and won’t miss any spots.

Rinse the Paver & Concrete Cleaner

After the patio has been deep cleaned, we use the power washer to spray down all of the suds from the cleaner, dirt and debris for a thorough rinsing. We rinse the entire patio surface to ensure the surface is ready to receive the DeckMAX RESIST MIST™ application once there is no standing water on the surface.  The surface does not need to be completely dry, just no standing water.

Time for the Resist Mist™ treatment

Once there is no standing water on the patio, we dilute the DeckMAX Resist Mist™ according to the directions, in a pump style garden sprayer. We then begin to apply the Resist Mist to the patio surface. Making certain that we take time to focus on the areas that are more prone to mold and algae. We like to work on small sections at a time to ensure we get the proper coverage.

Immediate Results

The DeckMAX® Paver & Concrete Cleaner really did a great job cleaning the patio and helping to remove some stubborn stains. We treated the patio with Resist Mist™ to ensure that the algae and mold do not return to this patio. The customer was very happy with the results.