DIY Outdoor Lighting with This Simple Deck Decorating Idea

DIY outdoor lightingOne of the most enjoyable part of spring and summer is sitting out on your porch in the evening, enjoying the cool breezes and the lingering heat from the day. One of the best ways to set the relaxing mood you crave on your porch is through beautiful summer mood lighting.

Try this great DIY outdoor lighting idea and make your own tin can lanterns for your deck this summer.  


Tin Can Lanterns

Create your very own tin can lanterns to add elegant light to your deck. These are easy to make and you probably already have all the supplies you need laying around your house. To make your own tin can lanterns, you will need recycled tin cans, a hammer, a nail, bailing wire, pliers, spray paint and tea light candles.

First, collect as many tin cans as you want and remove the labels. Next, fill them with water and let them freeze. Once frozen, remove from freezer. Use your hammer and a nail and place two poles across from each other at the top of the can for the handle.

Then, use your hammer and nail to make your design. Be sure to leave about an inch at the bottom without holes so that when your candles melt wax does not come out the sides. You can draw your design on before or create as you go. The ice allows the tin can to hold its structure while you create your design. Once you have created your design, allow the ice to melt. If the bottom of your can buckled out, tap it with your hammer so that it is flat again.

Next, you will need to create a handle. Cut your bailing wire 12 inches long (you can adjust the length of your wire based on how short or tall you want your handle to be). Use your pliers to make a hook with the wire, and place the hook through one of the holes you created earlier for the handle. Then, bend the wire in an arch and create your second hook, and attach it through the other hook hole. This will allow you to easily move around your tin can lanterns or hang them up.DIY outdoor lighting

Now it is time to add the color. It is generally best to use indoor/outdoor spray paint for this type of project. Choose a color or colors that fit with your outdoor decorations or theme you have created. It is recommended that you use spray paint outside in a well-ventilated area, and that you lay down cardboard or paper so that you do not also paint the ground. Spray your lanterns with a couple of coats of paints in order to cover the whole container and the handle. Let dry.

Finally, it is time to add the tea lights and display your creation on your deck. You can hang your tea light lanterns, place them on tables, or place them directly on your deck. You can also use regular tea light candles in them, or you can also purchase battery powered tea lights to place in your lanterns.

Sit back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere you created with your very own DIY outdoor lighting personalized tin can lanterns.

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