Insiders Guide to Enjoying Sports on Your Deck

enjoying sports on your deck

According to the Dollar Stretcher, 40 million Americans own decks. Which means 40 million Americans get to enjoy time with their friends and families while at the same time enjoying their beautiful deck. Whether they’re wood or PVC, decks are great for having conversations, relaxing, sipping drinks and eating barbecue. So, if you own a deck, or are thinking about getting one, Here are some ways of enjoying sports on your deck.

Darts on the Deck

Enjoying sports on your deck has never been so easy. What could be more relaxing than hanging a dart board and grabbing a handful of mini-arrows, while sipping on some beers with friends? There is nothing wrong with some friendly competition among friends and neighbors (especially if you are the one who wins). So invite some friends over to toss a few games. Also, make sure you don’t forget to use safety tips if there are kids running around.

Miniature Deck Golf

If you think this one’s a stretch, you’re clearly not a golf fanatic. The best thing about golf is you can practice your putt almost anywhere, and decks absolutely have room for a role-out practice green. In golf It’s important to keep up on practice, even if it’s just a mat you lay down for a few practice swings in your spare time. With a little creativity and some friends, you could even make it a competition and keep score.  So, Grab a putter and polish up your game.

Deck Poker

Some people may say poker’s not a sport but ESPN and a huge fan base say otherwise. So invite the neighborhood card sharks over, put on your sunglasses and low-brimmed hat, and enjoy the sport on your deck in some balmy card-playing weather. Spring is around the corner and the days are longer so you will have more time for those long, exciting games of texas hold’em . If you already have chips and cards, there’s really no excuse not to. 

Of course, if your deck is in a sad state of disrepair, no one will want to hang out and indulge their competitive edge. And it that’s the case, you’d better do something about it. Make sure to contact us for more information on how cleaning your deck will make sports on your deck that much more fun.

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