Great Recipes for Outdoor Gatherings

After you’ve designed the perfect outdoor kitchen, you naturally want to share your cooking skills with your friends and family. What better way to accomplish this, than planning an outdoor gathering this summer? If you are looking for some great outdoor food recipes to try in your new outdoor kitchen, here are a few delicious ones to consider.

BurgerParty Poppers

This simple recipe from is a great addition to any backyard gathering. Your guests will love this spicy appetizer. To create it, you will get to stuff jalapeno shells with chicken, cream cheese and cilantro mixture and wrap them in hickory bacon. After crisping in the oven for about 25 minutes, these poppers are ready to enjoy.

Italian Burgers with Peppers and Onions

Williams-Sonoma has provided this fantastic twist on a classic burger recipe, which is sure to thrill your guests. For this masterpiece, you will cook your onions and bell peppers with your meat, grill your buns and serve with pesto mayonnaise.

Barbecue Chicken

Finally, what large gathering is complete without a huge helping of barbecue chicken? This Food Network recipe offers a quick and easy way to provide a hungry crowd with this delicious concoction. After marinating your chicken in a fantastic homemade barbecue sauce, you begin creating some delicious smells on your grill. This recipe is sure to have people standing in line to get a taste of the finished product!

These outdoor food recipes are all ones you can enjoy in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you have a huge crowd or just a few friends over for the evening, they will allow you to enjoy preparing a meal and having a great time. To learn how you can begin enjoying a great outdoor kitchen of your own, contact us today.