Grilled Fall Vegetables

grilled fall vegetablesWhen you’re entertaining this fall, consider the fresh bounty with grilled fall vegetables. Instead of choosing side dishes with complicated prep, try adding a few vegetables that can be thrown on the grill to enjoy with your meal. Many are now focused on eating clean, healthy meals. Grilled fall vegetables are easy on the waistline, your budget, and your time!

While you can experiment with a variety of different vegetables, there are some favorite recipes that will be sure to enhance your party.


Roasting peppers on the grill, whether you do it whole or in chunks, is the perfect way to add a hint of spice and flavor to all of your dishes. Peppers are the perfect addition to chicken dinners or pair up beautifully with a good steak.


Tossing your tomatoes on the grill is the perfect way to prepare them to a hamburger. Sure, you could eat them raw. Once you’ve tried grilling your tomatoes, however, you’ll won’t want to eat them any other way.


Onions develop a sweet, mellow flavor that you’ll love adding to your hamburgers, tossing in with your steaks, or using as part of your chicken dinner. Try pinning several slices of onion with a skewer to prevent small rings from falling through the cracks of the grill.


You don’t even have to peel the husk off of your corn before you throw it on the grill. If you do, however, that wonderful smoky flavor will permeate every bite of your corn, complete with the faintly charred texture that accompanies many of your favorite grilled foods. Imagine grilled, smoky corn on the cob on your Thanksgiving table!


If you wrap your asparagus in bacon and toss it on the grill, you’ll discover a fantastic side dish that looks like it took a lot more effort than you actually put into it! Even better, this is a versatile side dish that will go with almost anything you’re preparing.


There’s nothing quite like whole mushrooms skewered and prepared over the grill. Whether you’re chopping them up to go on top of hamburgers with your onions or adding them as a side dish with your favorite meat, grilled mushrooms are a fantastic addition to your grilled meal.

Garlicroasted garlic heads

While it’s not necessarily a vegetable, we highly recommend cutting a whole head of garlic horizontally and roast it in the oven or on the grill. Once it’s done cooking, slightly cool them, and then squeeze the garlic pieces out. Smash them and add it to your mash potatoes, and other side dishes or meats.

Making the perfect grilled fall vegetable to go with your meal will take your meal from  good to stunning. There’s no need to go dashing inside to check on your side dishes when you can make them right there from the comfort of your grill!

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