Guys and Grills: Seafood

 Chef Keith Taylor and DeckMAX presents: Tips for Grilling Seafood

Guys and Grills: Seafood

Grilling Tips

Happy Friday Everyone! We are looking forward to the extended Labor Day weekend and we bet you are too! Just because Labor Day marks the end of the summer, doesn’t mean the grilling has to end. Chef Keith Taylor and DeckMAX got together to provide you some great advice on techniques for grilling and today we’d like to talk about Seafood. Chef Taylor has some great tips for all different kinds of seafood, whether you like shrimp, salmon, swordfish, etc.

Enjoy this video on Grilling Seafood brought to you by DeckMAX.

Video Guys and Grills: Seafood

Feel free to tell us about your favorite ways to spice up your seafood and any special recipes you use to make grilling seafood delicious!


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