Halloween Deck Decorating Ideas



Halloween is right around the corner and DeckMAX wants to inspire you to use these deck decorating ideas to make your deck stand out for trick or treat night and throughout October! Below are some suggestions and some how to’s for Halloween Deck Decorating.


Fright Night on the Deck


Cats and bats and witches, oh my! It’s time for Halloween once again, and guess what? Your deck makes the perfect arena for Halloween Deck Decorating. If you’re the draw it yourself type, it’s easy to find a template for cats with arched backs and terrifying witches to cut out of construction paper or poster board. Post scary signs along the sidewalk leading around the house to the deck and light them up with Japanese lanterns, scarily decorated of course. The little ghosts, princesses, and super heroes will see the deck aglow with scary stuff, and there you’ll be with a huge bowl of candy, snacks and treats alike!


You’ll line the deck with a string of Halloween-themed lights like ghosts and pumpkins that will glow in the night. Ghostly music is playing as those dressed up in costumes say trick or treat! But what the little trick or treaters won’t see is the skeleton you cut out of poster board trying to climb up onto the deck behind them. When the little ones turn around to go, they’ll see the skeleton nimbly climbing the deck, helped along by your spouse or one of the kids.

If you have enough trees in your backyard, string a line between them, and make it long enough so the kids see a good show. Someone will have to be in the tree with a line to pull the witches and ghouls back to the beginning for another show. What you’ll do is make a witch out of black fabric, with a hat and broomstick. The ghoul you will make out of a pair of pants and shirt tied together, but it will be wrapped around with medical tape to make it look like it just walked out of a Michael Jackson video! Whoever is in the tree will release the witch and ghoul, all the while making cackling and ghostly noises. The kids will love it!


It wouldn’t be Fright Night without a reminder of the spookiest place of all, a graveyard. Perhaps, your sidewalk will be lined with headstones, making your yard a Halloween graveyard. Scary or silly, you can make the headstones read various names or phrase! Arts and crafts stores have them around Halloween time. One of our favorites simply says “Oops”. Other funny tombstones read “I told you I was sick”, “Do not try this at home”, “It’ll be fun, they said”, “Barry M. Deep”, “Ted N. Buried”, “Izzy Gone”, “C. Yalater”. Make up your own or buy them already captioned; they’re fun and your guests will get a chuckle from them.


Let’s not forget Halloween decorating beneath the deck. The kids will be small enough to see between the steps and underneath the frame of the deck. There you might have black cats with glowing orange stalking eyes or scariest spiders you can find. All around them will blow (from a strategically placed fan) wispy strands of spider web! Or perhaps you place your glow in the dark pumpkins with scary eyes under the bushes or beneath the deck in order to surprise your guests! Check out the DIY for how to create glow in the dark pumpkins below!

Halloween Deck Decorating DIY

Glowing Pumpkins


  • pumpkins
  • carving tool
  • marker
  • luminescent spray paint
  • glitter
  • poster paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • plastic sheeting

Carve And Paint

Draw a face on each pumpkin with a marker. Once satisfied, cut out the features with a carving tool. Place the pumpkins on a piece of plastic sheeting so that paint does not get onto any of your belongings. Spray the pumpkins all over with luminous paint.

Fine Details 

Add glitter to the wet paint by sprinkling it on, a little bit at a time. The glitter will add a shimmery effect that will enhance the way that the paint looks. Wait several minutes for the paint to dry. Add fine details to the pumpkins with poster paint and a thin paintbrush. Once the paint is dry, place your pumpkins near the entrance way to your deck. They will be appealing to look at, both during the day and at night.

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DeckMAXWe hope you’ve enjoyed all of DeckMAX’s Halloween Deck Decorating Ideas! For plenty of more suggestions and DIY projects this season, check out more pins from the DeckMAX Pinterest boards.