How to Clean and Restore A Deck


Recommended Supplies

  • Select the DeckMAX® Product based on your needs.
  • MICROFIBER MOP:  Select from Amazon or  Lowe’s (DeckMAX Preferred)
  • MICROFIBER MOP COVERS for selected mop
  • RECTANGULAR CLEANING BUCKET:  Select Amazon or from Home Depot 
  • Non-PVC coated RUBBER GLOVES
  • For edges and stairs:  Microfiber cloth or clean, white 100% terry cloth rag

How to Restore a Deck with E2 Instructions

  • Check deck board temperature is between 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. (Temperature strip is included with the DeckMAX® product.)
  • Remove all items off of your deck in a safe and organized fashion.
  • Clean off dirt, dust, pollen, chalk, grease, wax, mold, mildew, rust, etc. We recommend the DeckMAX® Cleaner.
  • Before using DeckMAX® E2 Revitilizer, allow the deck to dry completely (after cleaning or morning dew).
  • Put on the non-PVC Rubber Gloves, included with purchase.
  • Pour the E2 Revitalizer into the recommended plastic bucket.
  • Place the mop with the microfiber cover or terry cloth into the bucket letting the product absorb into the cloth.
  • Lightly shake excess to avoid drips.
  • Apply to the deck boards with even pressure in the direction of the grain, starting at the furthest corner and moving towards exit.
  • Depending on temperature and humidity, your deck should be dry to the touch in approximately 1-2 hours; however, allow 12 hours after application to resume normal use.
  • Replace items and enjoy your clean and revitalized deck!