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How to Clean and Restore A Deck


If you experience fading or your PVC deck doesn’t have the same luster, shine and beauty as when you originally purchased it, then we recommend the E2 PVC Revitalizer.   Most decks are low maintenance. But, it is important to understand that use and weather can affect the beauty of your deck.  Just as you would wash, wax and detail your car, DeckMAX® recommends this simple and effective treatment to maximize the beauty of your deck.

However, if your area has harsh weather conditions or you have a heavily soiled deck from stains, spills, pets, mold or mildew, and even BBQ grease, then we highly suggest you first use DeckMAX®’s Pro-Grade Pre-Treatment Cleaner. The Cleaner is best used at least 24-48 hours before applying the E2 since the deck must be completely dry for the E2 application.  The DeckMAX® Cleaner is safe and effective on all decks including PVC, Composite, Wood, Metal, and even on Flagstones and Pavers. Please don’t use bleach or any other harsh products on your deck.

Recommended Supplies

      • Select the DeckMAX® Product based on your needs.
      • MICROFIBER MOP:  Select from Home Depot or  Lowe’s (DeckMAX Preferred)
      • MICROFIBER MOP COVERS for selected mop
      • RECTANGULAR CLEANING BUCKET:  Select from Home Depot
      • Non-PVC coated RUBBER GLOVES
      • For edges and stairs:  Microfiber cloth or clean, white 100% terry cloth rag

How to Restore a Deck with E2 Instructions

  • Check deck board temperature is between 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. (Temperature strip is included with the DeckMAX® product.)
  • Remove all items off of your deck in a safe and organized fashion.
  • Clean off dirt, dust, pollen, chalk, grease, wax, mold, mildew, rust, etc. We recommend the DeckMAX® Cleaner.
  • Before using DeckMAX® E2 Revitilizer, allow the deck to dry completely (after cleaning or morning dew).
  • Put on the non-PVC Rubber Gloves, included with purchase.
  • Pour the E2 Revitalizer into the recommended plastic bucket.
  • Place the mop with the microfiber cover or terry cloth into the bucket letting the product absorb into the cloth.
  • Lightly shake excess to avoid drips.
  • Apply to the deck boards with even pressure in the direction of the grain, starting at the furthest corner and moving towards exit.
  • Depending on temperature and humidity, your deck should be dry to the touch in approximately 1-2 hours; however, allow 12 hours after application to resume normal use.
  • Replace items and enjoy your clean and revitalized deck!