How to Restore a Deck Before Spring Arrives

Restore a deck

With your deck being barely used throughout the winter, it’s common as the weather begins to warm up for most homeowners to become interested in how to restore a deck. Instead of waiting until spring has already arrived to do restoration work, Why not learn how to restore a deck and get the work done while winter is finishing up. This way you can make sure to enjoy the first day of spring with a good old fashioned BBQ with friends and family on your beautiful deck.

Clear Out Any Furniture

If you’ve left your furniture out on your deck throughout the winter, covered or not, you’ll need to remove it from the deck before you begin the restoration. This will make it much easier to clean your deck (and give you a chance to clean your furniture if it was left out all winter).  By leaving your furniture on your deck during deck restoration, you will not being able to reach the deck as easily for cleaning, and worse, you’ll also risk damaging your furniture.

Rent or Buy a Pressure Washer

The easiest way to restore a deck and take care of the grime that’s built up over the past few months is by using a pressure washer. The powerful spray of these washers can help wash away any wear and built up dirt. After that all you need to do to make your deck flooring look just like new is to use a revitalizer. When it comes to getting your hands on a pressure washer, it’s up to you to determine if you would rather rent or buy one. Home depot has some great cheap rental options if you would like to do it yourself and rent one, or you could use a professional to get the job done quickly.

Finish Off the Restoration with Stain

Using wood stain that’s safe for your deck can help add some new color to the space and freshen up the deck considerably. A recent stain can help restore a deck, making it look like an entirely brand new deck. However, It’s best to wait until you’ve finished cleaning entirely before using the stain on the deck for the best results.

We are all dreaming of spring, and with these tips you can be sure to have your deck ready for the first day of enjoyable weather. Please contact us if you need the help of professionals for restoring your deck before spring.

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