Labor Day Deck Decorating Ideas

Deck Decorating Ideas to Engage the Senses

Deck Decorating Ideas

Your deck can be an impressive place to entertain guests for the Labor Day weekend or a private retreat at the end of a busy day. Dressing up your deck for the holiday weekend is an easy way to expand the stylish living space of your home to include the outdoors. You will have more space to entertain family and friends. Deck accessories, furniture and pillows made of outdoor fabric, plants and a water feature can make you feel like you live in a mansion. Here at DeckMAX we’d like to share with you ways to engage all of the senses when decorating your deck this Labor Day Weekend.

  • Adding a splash of color

Just as you place artwork inside your home, you can bring a touch of color and whimsy to the outdoors with these deck decorating ideas. Hang a colorful kite on the wall of your home near the deck. If you like the more formal look, place a stone statue that represents a hobby or favorite animal. Another way to add color is with paper lanterns and an outdoor rug.

  • Spicing it up for Labor Day

It’s fun to change things up for the different holidays. Labor Day decor doesn’t have to be expensive. Labor Day is about celebrating the economic and social contributions of workers. Decorate your deck with a strong string or ribbon of apples. Use patriotic decorations leftover from the Fourth of July or put out red, white and blue flower arrangements and colorful picnic-style foods.

  • Incorporating a fiery dynamic

For chilly evenings snuggling with the family or when gathering for Labor Day, it’s nice to have a fire pit to bring warmth and a cozy feeling to the deck. Another idea is to build an outdoor display area for arranging tea-light candles at night. Simply put a sturdy trellis inside a planter overflowing with flowers. Hang colorful prisms and tea-light lanterns on the trellis using wire and hardware.

Deck Decorating Ideas

  • Letting the good energy flow

Other deck decorating ideas for Labor Day include using water features and wind chimes. Putting out artistic looking bird houses and bird feeders will help attract songbirds. Wind chimes are especially popular in feng shui decorating as they circulate the positive “chi” energy. Flowing water is good for bringing wealth in feng shui, besides the fact that it’s soothing to hear the sound of water trickling over pebbles.

  • Smelling the night air

During the day, you might smell a freshly-cut lawn or the smell of Labor Day food on the barbeque. By planting white flowers in planters as part of a deck garden, you can enjoy the sweet smell of flowers that bloom at night. Some possibilities for a moon garden include growing beautiful white Moonflower vines or the Angel Trumpet tree. The tree has large trumpet-shaped blooms at night, and can grow in a planter on the deck during the milder seasons.

Deck Decorating Ideas

Check out the DeckMax Pinterest boards for more fun and creative deck decorating ideas for this holiday weekend.  And to learn more DeckMAX products to revitalize your deck, please feel free to contact us.