MAX Defender to the Rescue!

Check out this video testimonial from Doug, a homeowner from New Hope Pennsylvania. Doug talks about how DeckMAX’s MAX Defender product helped him clean his TimberTech deck and surrounding structures.

Doug’s Deck was caked in dirt and grime from surrounding trees and he was looking for an easy-to-use product with minimal effort to help him clean the deck. Doug Spayed MAX Defender on his deck at the end of the season. Doug contacted us to help with the cleaning of the deck in the Spring. MAX Defender did its job and made for effortless cleaning and easy removal of the contaminates Doug also had us treat his shed that was covered in dirt, grime, and algae. MAX Defender was the perfect product to tackle these contaminants. Our simple spray and walk-away product requires minimal effort but produces BIG results. Watch the video and check out some of the pictures below from the project.

MAX Defender Attacking Dirt & Grime on Timbertech Decking

Doug sprayed MAX Defender on his TimberTech Decking at the end of the season. We came back in the Spring to check on the progress and help Doug finalize the cleaning of his deck.  The MAX Defender product did its job by loosening up the dirt and grime making for easy removal. We used our DeckMAX PVC Deck Cleaner to aid in the process and with some light power washing, the stains completely disappeared. Check out the results in the videos below.

Walkthrough of Doug’s TimberTech Deck Before Cleaning

Video of Cleaning Doug’s TimberTech Deck After MAX Defender Application from the Previous Season.

Walkthrough after Cleaning Doug’s TimberTech Deck and re-application of MAX Defender to protect the deck from future contaminants.

MAX Defender Taking on a Dirty Outdoor Shed

Doug had us spray MAX Defender on his outdoor shed. After three months we returned to see the results. MAX Defender did its job by dissolving the algae, dirt, and grime from the shed. Watch the videos below to see the transformation.

Before Video of Doug’s Outdoor Shed

Doug’s Outdoor Shed After MAX Defender Application

Here are some additional before and after photos of DeckMAX’s MAX Defender doing its job. Simply Spray and Walk Away!

MAX Defender Before Application Outdoor Shed
MAX Defender After Application Outdoor Shed
MAX Defender before Application Outdoor Shed
MAX Defender After Application Outdoor Shed
MAX Defender Before Application Outdoor Shed
MAX Defender After Application Outdoor Shed

Are you ready to let MAX Defender do the heavy lifting for you?


MAX Defender Ready To Use™ cleans stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, and fungus from many outdoor surfaces.

MAX Defender Ready To Use™ was designed to work over time with the elements, such as rain, wind, and sun. The best part? NO POWER WASHING required! After the initial application, MAX Defender Ready To Use™ can be used for preventative maintenance. The combination of MAX Defender ready To Use™ and natural weather conditions will break down stains leaving a cleaner surface.

RTU MAX Defender Easy to use