OSO Partners in Exclusive Licensing Agreement to Apply and Sell DeckMAX™ Green PVC Deck Revitalizer3/29/2010 OneSource Organics has partnered with Emerald Green in an exclusive licensing agreement . . .

DOYLESTOWN, PA –  In a smart move by the Pennsylvania based research and development company, OneSource Organics has partnered in an exclusive licensing agreement with Emerald Green out of Southampton, PA. The agreement gives Emerald Green sole rights to apply and sell their new composite vinyl deck cleaner and restorerDeckMAX™. Emerald Green’s experience and trained crews have nationwide capacity to be able to apply DeckMAX™ on dirty and faded, scratched or stained PVC vinyl decks.

“It was natural to partner with Emerald Green to use DeckMAX™ to clean and bring back the color of faded, dirty composite PVC vinyl decking because they have been doing the application all along,” says Richard Winget, CEO of OneSource Organics, Inc. “We are into research and development but no one knows the process and the DeckMAX™ product like the Emerald Green people.”

DeckMAX™ has the composite vinyl and PVC deck industries buzzing with interest. Deck manufacturers around the country are excited about the possibilities of DeckMAX™ which cleans, brightens and brings back the color of faded and weathered composite PVC vinyl decks. They are offering the DeckMAX™ 1-Step process to their customers as a quick do-it-yourself process that they can do or have done seasonally to maximize the beauty of their high-end PVC composite decks.

Although the process of applying DeckMAX™ to dirty, faded composite PVC vinyl decks is user friendly, in many cases homeowners opt to have it applied seasonally to clean and brighten their decks in preparation for the warmer months. That is when the Emerald Green crews and DeckMAX™ come in. They are professional and courteous and the entire process can be done in an afternoon.