Restoring Your Deck Before Growing an Herb Garden

Herb GardenIf your deck has been around for years and has had little maintenance done to it, you may be concerned about how to get it back in good condition if you want to grow your own garden on the deck. Instead of skipping the project, look into the numerous benefits that come with restoring your deck before putting in a garden.

Keep Water Off the Deck

With plants, comes a lot of extra watering—sometimes leading to water dripping onto the deck flooring. While this typically wouldn’t be an issue for a newly installed deck with sealant, it can mean disaster for an older deck due to wood rot being an issue. By getting the deck restored and sealing done, you can be confident that spilled water will not be a problem.

Provides Good Support for Heavy Plants

Depending on the kinds of plants you want to grow, you may have pots and planters that are heavier than is suitable for the condition of your deck. By getting the deck closely examined while it is being restored, you can have the peace of mind that the deck will be in good shape to support any heavy plants.

Chance to Change the Look of the Deck

As you explore the different projects that you can tackle for your deck, you will quickly see the variety of looks that your deck can have. By getting the deck restored, you can grow your garden in a space that you will enjoy.

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