Should you have a Free-Standing Composite Deck?

Free standing 2What is a free-standing composite deck? Well decks generally rely on your home to support half of its weight plus the furniture and people on it. The other half of the load is supported by its legs. The difference with free-standing decks is that a free-standing deck supports all of the weight by itself. It’s connection to your house only serves to give it stability so that it doesn’t wobble and allows access to the inside your home.

If you are thinking about installing a composite deck (which will last longer than a wood deck), you should think about including the freestanding deck as an option. Here are the pros and cons of a freestanding deck:

    • PRO: The house attachment does not bear structural loads. A non-freestanding deck constructed by a DIY enthusiast or by an unscrupulous contractor may have a weak attachment to the house. This issue has caused a number of deck collapses in the past. The deck is supported by a ledger board that is attached to your house. Problems can occur when the ledger is attached with nails. Nails have poor holding power. Bolts should be used instead. Another problem occurs if the ledger is attached to a part of the house that can’t support the structural loading. A free-standing deck doesn’t rely on the house attachment for supporting vertical loads because it supports itself much like a table with four legs.
    • PRO: There is little danger of spreading wood rot to your home. If your deck is composite, it won’t rot in the first place. However, because a free-standing deck doesn’t cut into the side of your home, there is no entry point for rot to take hold.
    • PRO: It’s a good option when structural attachment isn’t feasible. A structural attachment to homes with stone or brick veneers, stone foundations, or to split-level homes is difficult.
    • PRO: You can build one anywhere in your yard. Its free-standing nature means you can place it next to a swimming pool, a garden, or other desirable location.
    • CON: There is a possible extra cost because of the additional legs and footings.
    • CON: There is a possible extra cost of bracing required to give it stability.

It is always important to maintain your deck, so for information on cleaners, revitalizers, and wipes, contact us today. We would be more than happy to help with your deck cleaning needs, Because here at DeckMax we care about you getting the most out of your deck.