Summer Kick Off Ideas – Fun for Family and Friends

It’s been gloomy, chilly, and a downright ugly Spring this year! Who knew it could rain this much?! But let’s look at the positive… the flowers, gardens, and grass are well nourished and blooming all sorts of goodness.  And we’re here to start our annual Summer Kick Off Ideas blog post!

This Summer is going to be amazing!

BBQ’s, Graduation Parties, Evening Get-Together’s, or a simple outdoor family dinner is exactly what we’ve all been longing for.  So let’s get ready for this Memorial Weekend with these Summer Kick Off Ideas.  And as we honor all who have fallen protecting our freedom and serving our communities, we raise our glass and celebrate your memory.

Clean-Up: For a quick clean up, get the DeckMAX cleaner concentrate and clean off the dirt, mud, and other debris found on your deck, patio, pavers, and even your outdoor furniture. Rinse, scrub, repeat as needed.

Now start that charcoal (or gas) grill, and try this fun activity, “Kiddie Pool Kickball.”  

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