With rising temperatures slowly creeping across the U.S., many people will be dusting off their grills and sprucing up their backyards this weekend. Of course cleaning one’s deck is often a part of that process. If you plan on tackling that particular project this weekend, keep these things in mind:

Inspect the Structure

Before busting out the PVC deck cleaner, take a moment to inspect the deck, deck railing and stairs for safety hazards. Although PVC decks are known to be low-maintenance, there are still things that can pose risks to users. Among them are loose or deteriorated fasteners and flashing. If found, the damage should be repaired or replaced and any corresponding rust stains should be addressed.  If it’s under warranty, be sure to call your manufacturer.

Prepare the Area

If no repairs or replacements need to be made, make sure that you remove all of the furniture and clutter and sweep away the loose debris first. After all, nothing should be on your PVC deck during the cleaning process. Otherwise, you may end up missing areas and leaving unsightly streaks.

Use the Proper CleanerGallery2 PVC Deck Cleaner

Remember that not all decks are created equal. Plus, they all tend to be sensitive to harsh chemicals, like bleach. So it’s crucial that you read the PVC deck cleaner’s label. Select one that is eco-friendly, effective and in line with the PVC deck manufacturer’s guidelines. And make sure that you thoroughly rinse away any residue too. Failure to do so can often result in staining.  There are certain deck cleaners, like DeckMAX Pre-Treatment Cleaner that work on a variety of deck types including PVC, composite, and wood.  It’s best used for heavily soiled areas and to remove mold and mildew.

Suggestion:  Be sure to work your way towards an exit.  There’s nothing more frustrating than to do a great job only to have walk all over your hard work!

Don’t Forget to Revitalize

But if your deck isn’t heavily soiled or worn from this heavy winter, then you can skip the PVC deck cleaner and target the faded and weathered look to restore your deck by revitalizing the PVC deck’s color and removing stubborn stains. To revitalize your deck, we suggest the DeckMAX E2 Revitalizer.  It’s an efficient, effective, plant-based product that will leave your PVC deck looking as good as the day it was installed with great luster and shine. Plus, it’s the product most recommended by top manufacturers and contractors.

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