It’s Time to Get Your Deck Cleaner this Spring

Deck Cleaner Spring 2015

It’s been a harsh winter!  Are you ready to get your Deck Cleaner and your Spring Cleaning on?  We are…  

At DeckMAX, we can’t wait for March. By making a plan and working on this agenda, you can be ready for Spring in 30 days.  

DeckMAX’s Top 5 DIY Outdoor Spring Cleaning and Deck Cleaner Tips:

First, begin by assessing your property:

  • Walk around your home and determine if there has been any external damage to your property?
  • Look up at your gutters. Are they structurally sound?  Plan a time to clear them out, safely.
  • How’s the siding, doors and windows?

    Second, prep for the cleaning:

    • Pick up any debris, broken branches, leaves, flower pots, hoses, etc.
    • If you don’t or won’t use it, trash it.  
    • Don’t want to keep it, like furniture, give it away to a local thrift store.
    • If you will use it, put it in it’s proper place.

    Third, calling all green thumbs:

    • Will you plan on gardening?  Clear out your garden area or prepare one if you are new to gardening.
    • Make a list of the type of garden you’d like to have.  Vegetable? Flower? Herb Garden?
    • Establish the best days for planting based on your desired garden type and your region.
    • Visit our Pinterest page for great garden ideas.

    Fourth, establish your outdoor living space:

    • How would you like to utilize your deck?  Do you like to grill on the deck and entertain friends? Or prefer a quiet space to read or soak in the sun?
    • Do you already have deck furniture?  Is it in good shape?  If they just don’t look good, don’t worry step 5 has the answer for that.  If it’s broken, repair it or discard it.
    • Decorating Tips: Pick a color palette that works with your deck and furniture.  Use color with plant-life, candles, or outdoor pillows.

    Fifth, start the spring cleaning:

    • We suggest cleaning anything ON your deck like deck furniture before cleaning your deck.  Allow the debris to fall where it may.  
    • Next, clean your grill. Empty any grease traps. Be careful so it doesn’t spill on your deck. 
    • Check your propane tank levels.  Replace as needed.  Or for the purist, buy new charcoal and discard all used charcoal.
    • Most homes have a variety of surface areas:  Do you have concrete walk-way or stone pavers? What type of deck do you have: Wood, composite or PVC? How about a fence?  These all definitely need a good housekeeping treatment… and it’s part of our spring cleaning routine.
    • Order the DeckMAX Pre-Treatment Cleaner Concentrate and clean all of the above with this product.  It’s a concentrate cleaner so it will clean up to 2,000 SF of surface area.
    • If you don’t have a power washer, rent one from a local hardware store.  It’ll make the job go by so much quicker and it’s well worth the money.
    • Don’t forget to clean the railings, spindles, and flashing.  
    • Once you’ve completed the cleaning process, determine if your PVC deck has lost it’s color, luster, and shine? Not a problem.  Use and weather can affect the beauty of your deck.  No need to be frustrated. Then we suggest you also purchase the E2 Revitalizer.  And if you’d like, these wipes for PVC and these wipes for Metal including lighting fixtures. 

    The Best Deck Cleaner – that cleans everything else too!

    The DeckMAX Cleaner offers superior performance on all deck types including PVC decks (vinyl), composite decks, and wood decks. The Deck Cleaner is so versatile it can also be used for many areas around your home including vinyl, metal, aluminum, flagstones, pavers, etc.

    • Excellent for Heavily Soiled Areas
    • Works on PVC, Composite, Wood and Metals
    • Use on Fences, Flagstone, and Pavers
    • Superior Mold and Mildew Remover
    • Eliminates Oxidation
    • Easy to Use
    • Eco-Friendly Deck Cleaning Product
    • Note: The Deck Cleaner will not restore the color.  Use as needed before applying the E2 PVC Deck Revitalizer.

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