Deck Gardens

If you love the idea of a garden retreat, butDeck Gardens don’t have the yard or space to build one, consider creating this inviting area right on your deck. Planting a deck garden and incorporating other deck-decorating ideas does not take a ton of space or have to cost a fortune. Some well-placed outdoor lighting, colorful containers for plants and the right outdoor rugs and furniture can allow you to create a cozy atmosphere on your budget. Here, we will give you some tips and tricks to creating a deck sanctuary you’ll want to retreat to again and again.

Light It Up

Solar lighting is a great way to illuminate your deck area without breaking the bank. And, outdoor lighting can be used to specifically enhance certain features of your deck, such as container plants or even the flower border the surrounds the deck.

Cozy and Private

To add some coziness and privacy to your deck, install an affordable trellis which will create an inviting atmosphere. Incorporate climbing plants, such as wisteria or ivy to add that feeling of privacy. This addition also provides shade on those hot, summer days.

Create Focal Points

Lovely, colorful containers filled with tropical plants, vegetables and flowers are all good selections for deck gardens. If you’re a fan of nature, you can select plants that attract butterflies or birds. When choosing your plants, consider the natural lighting conditions of your deck, the climate and size of your containers.

Accessorize Your Deck

Complete the look of your outdoor garden with attractive patio furniture. Furniture that functions well and adds a decorative element to your deck does not have to be expensive. Consider furniture sold at yard sales, thrift shops and even local closeout stores.

To learn more about deck gardens and other functions and uses for your deck, contact us today.