Which Deck Cleaning Products are Right for You?

Whether your deck needs a quick touch-up or a deep cleanse, we have the right product to get the job done. Check out the DeckMAX deck cleaning products and choose the one that suits your deck’s needs.

E2 PVC Deck Revitilizer

deck cleaning productsLife can be rough on a deck. Restore your faded PVC deck to its vibrant color! The E2 PVC Deck Revitalizer also removes minor scratches and stains. Make your deck beautiful again with this easy-to-use formula that is also eco-friendly. No need to strip or sand; simply apply this formula once a year to MAXimize the beauty of your PVC deck.

Professional Grade Concentrate Deck Cleaner

There are so many deck cleaning products, but this highly versatile deck cleaner is chosen again and again by customers, contractors, and manufacturers for cleaning outdoor decks